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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  February 28, 2015 1:35pm-1:46pm EST

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>> booktv is on twitter and facebook and we want to hear from you. tweet us or post a comment on our face book page >> in 2008 i got a call from a very well-known correspondent and he was a very good friend and we worked together extensively in iraq and afghanistan. called me up and he said hey, man. talks to everyone at the same tone whether it is the taliban me, his girlfriend, doesn't matter. i got a great assignment. and he said it is on the taliban in pakistan. i remember my husband sitting next to the world his eyes and
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said you are not going to meet the taliban. i didn't answer. dexter went. i learned not to answer. dexter went to pakistan and spent months trying to line up access and the thing about south asia and had to and culture it is tribal culture, when they invite you to meet then they will protect you with your life. so we knew if dexter was able to line this up and they invited us and we would be relatively safe. the one thing we had to worry about was in order to reach the commander he was negotiating with we had to cross through two other commanders's territory. we got the permission and the night before we were supposed to leave we got a phone call from the commander's guys and they said you are welcome to come tomorrow but the one thing you cannot do is bring a woman. dexter and i looked at each other and said we are not separating there's no way so
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our translator who had close ties to the taliban said what are we going to do? they said don't bring a woman and we said you have to figure it out. i am going. so the next morning he showed up early and said i know, we will say you are mixed dexter's why can't can't leave his wife alone is strange city and you must come. we said ok, fine. we dressed up and i was completely covered. you couldn't see an ounce of my skin. we got in the car and go there and when we arrive the men go inside and ask permission for me to come in. is very awkward to bring a woman into the situation because most of these men have never spoken to or met with though woman who is not the third their wife or a blood relative and so i was given permission to come in and i stumbled in and could barely see and it was a very small room full of about 20, 15 to 20
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taliban fighters and they all had their guns and rockets and weapons and were just lounging around and i sat down and dexter said thank you for letting my wife come. this is my wife and my wife has a camera. do you mind if she takes some photos? >> you can watch this and other programs online at each month representative tom cole releases a reading list on his web site. here is a look at the congressman's recommended books which focus on the life of like eisenhower. tom cole is reading those paying greed days bilinguals and which will get the internal debate over the u.s. involvement in world war ii and recently finished paul johnson's book eisenhower:a life. recommends stephen ambrose's biography of eisenhower which traces his half from soldier to
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president. next on the list is going to come to glory a memoir of the president by his grandson david eisenhower and david's wife julie nixon eisenhower. also on the list is eisenhower, the white house years by jim newton, editor at large of the los angeles times. next is eisenhower's personal account of the strategies, battles and outcome of world war ii in crusade in europe and completing the list representative tom cole recognizes king edward smith's portrait of the president eisenhower in war and peace. to see what other books tom cole is recommended visit tom >> you are watching booktv on c-span2 with top nonfiction books and authors every weekend. booktv television for serious readers. >> here are some of the programs you will see this weekend on
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booktv. on our live in depth for of program, we take viewers' calls. on afterwards alan and tucker carlsson discuss all and end communist party in 1930s and republican senator marco rubio signing books and providing his thoughts on the nation's future. also watch for books on race and the criminal justice system. the meat industry and the war on drugs. for a complete schedule visit all this and more on booktv, television for serious readers. >> april 4th, 1967, he is in new york city at the riverside church in manhattan giving a speech called beyond vietnam and in that speech came calls, america, the greatest purveyor of violence in america today. he had been on record be opposed to the war. this is the first time he has given a major address to the
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nation condemning the war. he lays out in detail our relationship with vietnam. our history with vietnam. one of the rare times king read the entire text because he was an orator, extraordinary, he went off the script and started for restyling the i have a dream stuff. he was good off script unlike some people who have to use a teleprompter for everything they say. but dr. king gave a speech beyond vietnam. called america the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today and talked about what he called the triple threat facing our democracy. the triple threat, racism, poverty and militarism. racism, poverty and militarism. 50 years later the same triple threat facing this country racism poverty and military and. king was right but when he made that comment and called america
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the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, the next day everything and everybody turned on him. the media turned on him. i don't mean fox news. they weren't around. i'm in the liberal media, new york times, washington post, time magazine, the media turned on him and the white house turned on him. he and johnson worked together to pass the voting rights act, the civil rights act, a lot of debate about this movie selma and how johnson is portrayed but he and johnson were to get it to pass a seminal piece of legislation but the white house turned against him for being so aggressive against the president and his work in vietnam and the last poll taken, the harris poll, found nearly three quarters of the american people thought he was -- a lot of america turns on him. in black america as the number is 60% of black folks thought he was irrelevant. i mean the naacp came out against him.
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the urban league came out against him. the meeting black journalists of his era, another nobel laureate peace prize lawyer came out against him. i can't even quote on c-span what thurgood marshall said about dr. king, what he felt about and during that era. everybody turns on him. that is the life he has to navigate as he is talking about racism and poverty and militarism. nobody wants to hear that. they turn their back on him. guys broke. last year of his life he can't get a book deal, can't get paid speech, he is uninflated to the white house and black churches. the last mile of the way king has to walk all by himself. he takes that let a year later, april 4th, 1967, killed april 4th, 1968. when he is killed on the balcony
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he believes and bias believing everything and everybody has turned on him. the cosmos has shifted against him. five decades later martin was right and everybody else was wrong but that is not the way he got about it. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> michael shermer is a founding journalist for skeptic magazine. he discusses how science has influence the way we think about human rights democracy freedom, education and prosperity. this program is next on booktv.
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>> welcome to takeda institute. i and the executive vice president of the institute and is my honor to be able to introduce and moderate this program. we hear a lot of these days, the past few decades about moral decline and america, moral decline and the world. covers a lot of areas. not clear that those are always the most relevant areas to what we might consider public morality. bill bennett made a career out of talking about moral decline. lots of radio talk shows have that as the common theme. most days there is an opera in the washington times decrying moral decline in america and indeed i saw a poll recently that said three quarters of americans think we are in a


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